The End

Okay, so Scumbug Scrambag is finally over. I’m not really happy with it, but that’s how things go.

My favorite story on this website is Akayama DanJayand I’ve written that twice. The version on this site is nothing like the first draft, or even the second draft—the second draft was chopped up and sewn together to make the latest edition. Maybe the best story on this website is Mas VS Horse, and I’ve written that three times. The Minotaur’s Board-Game is alright, I think, and that’s a second-draft, too.

My point is, Scumbug Scrambag didn’t turn out like I wanted, but that’s just the nature of writing. Now I’ve got a bunch of characters, scenes, and ideas, so if I ever decide to rewrite the story, I’ll have plenty of material to work with. My next attempt will hopefully have more well-directed intent.

But my next writing project, I think, will be a sequel to Akayama DanJay. I’m actually working with an editor on Akayama DanJay, and a sequel in the works will probably sound like in a query-letter. The sequel will be called Akayama DanJay: Blind Faith and it will be at least twenty times more pretentious than the original, somehow.

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