I published a book! 

Title Summary
Shorts I recommend The Bucket, about a guy who vomits eyeballs and the eyeballs want to rule the universe.
Man vs Horse An ultra-marathon runner must win a 100-mile race against a horse or lose his legs.
Akayama DanJay A giant anime space-robot creates our reality to defeat another, bigger anime space-robot. I published this book, so you can’t read it here! Sowwy.
Akayama DanJay: Blind Faith Sequel to Akayama DanJay, on hiatus.
The Minotaur’s Board-Game A clever minotaur escapes their labyrinth into a fantasy-world where war is replaced with board-games.
Scumbug Scrambag An alien hit-man kidnaps a little girl to keep her safe from other, less child-friendly alien hit-men.

I also make videos. Or, try my mobile-game, DüKKA!