On my YouTube channel, Thinkstr, I’m a cartoon squid who makes video-essays about pop-culture and data-science and the human condition and stuff!

Coming Soon: Fidget Spinners

Meow meow meow, pst pst pst

Progressive Generative-Adversarial-Networks

Why Fish Don’t Exist

Gandhi vs Lincoln, Pope vs Pope vs Pope

Worms, worms, worms.

Pay Attention

Riffing on movies, riffing as movies

Halloweeny Torture Spectacular

HP Lovecraft’s Published Night-Terrors

Robots and LSTM

Run, run, run!

Jackie Chan’s Yin and Yang

Enter the Void

Magic: the Gathering in 3D

Remember me!

My Name is Earl‘s Skillful Means

These Squids Do Not Exist

How and Why We Eat Brains

Groundhog Day vs all the clones of Groundhog Day

Meet the Squid-Maker

Much Ado about Nothing

Shared Universe Theories

The Ledge VS the Bucket

When hands get out of hand

Christ VS Christ VS Christ VS Shiva VS Shiva VS Shiva

Exploring Robotic Minds with a talking squid

Aggretsuko VS Bojack Horseman

Humanity’s Bacterial Culture (Eukaryote-cultures in fiction and reality)

What the hell is Hell?

Godel Escher Bach and Rick and Morty

Past lives in fiction, past lives of fiction

DüKKA, a puzzle-game for mortals like you!

False Realities in False Realities

Mind-Reading in Fiction (and Reality)

The Wheel of Virtue (How Stories have Meaning)

Luigi VS Luigi VS the Prestige

Forking Hell

The Advertisements Ingrained in Being

Ghibli’s Pompoko, and Shinto

Garfield, Momo, Slenderman, and the Birth of Bogeymen

The Tree-Rings of Reddit

Fan-Theories, Canon, and Reality (Where do wizards poop?)

Movies about animated objects (Forky VS the human condition)

UFOs VS Bigfoot

Dreams in Media, Dreams AS Media

Osmosis Jones VS Hataraku Saibou VS Aesop VS Us

Data Analysis of Stephen King’s Misery

Creepypasta, Tulpas, Furries, and what they all mean

Is Isekai Religion?

How Data Tells a Story, Starring Scottish Witch Trials

Spirals in Anime

One-Punch-Man and Self-Image

Black Mirror’s Implied Cheesy Twist

Thematic Gambles in Kaiji: The Ultimate Survivor