The Minotaur’s Board-Game


In a fantasy world where war is impossible, humans, elves, dwarfs, and seafolk do battle with a board-game. Fantasy nations take census to use their populations as game-pieces. 

Aria Twine was the human champion at this game until her game-piece was killed, making her ineligible to participate. Ever since she’s reared mythical creatures for humanity to use in table-war. Now she’s discovered a minotaur she can ride back to greatness.

Chapter Commentary
Aria vs the Elf The Snowflake
Homer vs the Dwarf Inspirations
Homer and the Griffon The Wheel of Virtue
Homer vs the Human The Point
Homer vs the Sea-Thing Expansion, Contraction, and Failing Faster
Homer vs the Elf Illustrations and Authorial Intent
The Elf vs the Dwarf Why Table-War, Why Minotaurs
Homer vs the Sphinx Stories about politics
Homer vs the Machine, Part One I made a YouTube video!
Homer vs the Machine, Part Two Notes for the future (and a new video)
The End