Scumbug Scrambag

The Scumbug is a disgusting alien ooze who works as a hit-man for an intergalactic crime-family. When the Scumbug is paid to kill someone he doesn’t ask many questions besides “how much should they suffer before they die?” and “can I eat the corpse or am I mailing out body-parts again?”

But the Scumbug has one rule: the Scumbug doesn’t hurt kids. So when the crime-family places a bounty on a human diplomat’s young daughter, the Scumbug kidnaps her to keep her safe. Now the Scumbug and an eight-year-old earthling girl are on the lam from every entity in the galaxy, and a few from outside, too. They’ll have to survive using only the Scumbug’s Scrambag, a cache of tools and weapons he stashed so he could disappear someday. Today, disappearing seems off the table.


Chapter Commentary
Daddy, Daughter, Scumbug The Latest Thingie I’m Doing
The Scrambag Leon, the Professional
Mother and Son The Little Prince
Home to Roost The joy of not knowing what you’re doing
Empty Nest Authorial Ambivalence
The Big Cheese The End