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In Chapter Z. The End Professor Akayama delivers a last diss to the Enemy Hurricane before returning to Earth and dissolving into Earth’s population.

Thanks for reading Akayama DanJay. I enjoy writing in my free time, and I feel more fulfilled having done it in an area where people can pop in and check it out, and read commentary where I try explaining what I’m on about. It’s also nice to say, “Hey, visit!” and have people say, “huh?” and then I spell it out and maybe they check my website later, if they remember.

I’ve learned a lot in the last year and a half or so, and it’s time to move onto new projects. I hope you can join me in breaking new ground. Here’s my plan:

I’ve made a new website called This will be easier to tell people about than, because I won’t have to say, “well, it’s two characters’ names, except it’s really sort of two-and-a-half characters’ names, see…” The new site will be a hub for all my stories and whatever other projects I assign myself. I’ve moved Akayama DanJay onto the new site, in the new order I mentioned before, but I’ve already planned out the next novel-length-work I want to write:

The Minotaur’s Board Game will be a fantasy adventure about a minotaur who escapes his labyrinth only to be embroiled in political conflict. He’ll prove naturally talented at the tabletop-war-game which has replaced actual war, but this only secures his position as a pawn to his superiors. I mentioned this story ages ago because I wrote the first draft before the first draft of Akayama DanJay, and it’s been sitting in my mind ever since. I think I’ll enjoy returning to my weird takes on fantasy races like elves and dwarfs, and the twists and turns of each board-game the minotaur must win.

I’ll be sad to leave Akayama DanJay behind. I’ll admit, sometimes I’ve felt like a Dan agonizing over a Beatrice, but today I feel more like a Jay content with his Faith. Now that I’ve written it out and gotten it all off my chest, I feel connected to the world in a broader sense. Professor Akayama taught me what I needed to know, and now I can move on to prose which is more commercially viable, maybe.

Which isn’t to say I’m leaving Akayama DanJay behind for good. I think I’ve got a totally enjoyable story here, it’s just difficult to imagine marketing my novel about drug-addled hipsters who merge with an anime robot. Maybe I’ll redo the art and compile the whole thing into an e-book people can download off Amazon. Or whatever. Stories are never finished, the writer just decides to let them go.

Thanks again for joining me. I’ll probably have the first sections of The Minotaur’s Board Game ready to read by the end of September. I hope to see you there!

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