Akayama DanJay


Akayama DanJay: A Great and Complicated Tool is a story about a guy named Dan whose favorite space-robot manga turns out to be a holy-book describing the actual origin of his world and purpose in life.

Dan’s Favorite Manga
Professor Akayama
Dan’s Annotations 1
Commander Lucille
Dan’s Annotations 2
Lucille Sees Her Parents Die
Dan’s Annotations 3
Akayama’s First Fall
Akayama’s Second Fall
Dan’s Annotations 4
Lucille Chews Eisu and Fumiko
Dan’s Annotations 5
Nakayama’s Water-World
Dan’s Annotations 6
Lucille’s Combined Zephyr
Dan’s Annotations 7
Nakayama’s Egg
Dan’s Annotations 8
Akayama Explodes Earth
Dan’s Annotations 9
Lucille’s Wheel
Dan’s Annotations 10
Akayama Rebuilds Earth
Dan is Immolated in a Furnace
Dan’s Staring Contest
Dan to Jay
Lucille’s Chain
Jay’s First Interview with Faith
Jay Visits Uluru
Jay Meets the Biggest Bird
Jay Flies to Sheridan
Lucille’s Seraph
Jay on the First Island
Jay on the Second Island
Jay Ferries to the Main Island
Jay on the Main Island
Jay’s Interview with Virgil Jango Skyy
Jay Leaves the Islands
Jay’s Interview with Dan, 1
Jay’s Interview with Dan, 2
Jay’s Interview with Dan, 3
Jay’s Interview with Dan, 4
Jay’s Interview with Uncle Featherway
Lucille Buys Time
Jay’s Second Interview with Faith
Jay’s Interview with Virgil Blue
The Biggest Bird’s Cosmic Plan
DanJay’s Staring Contest
Lucille’s Final Form