Dan’s Annotations 7

(A chapter of Akayama DanJay.)

The year is 2023.

Dan turned off his phone during the anime’s end-credits and grinned annotating these last pages of the manga-volume. The Combined Zephyr was humanoid, the Zephyr-robots constituting it were humanoid, and the Zephyr-crews controlling them were humans. Human from bottom to top, a psychedelic fractal mandala!

But Nakayama had compared her own cells to tiny robots which combined to generate her, and Hurricane Planets were basically amoebas. It was robots from bottom to top, and ‘human’ was just a shape robots could take. The Hurricane’s primitive power was immediate but primitive. The Zephyr’s power was gradual but sophisticated.

Cells were made of molecules, were made of atoms, were made of subatomic particles. Was there a bottom? Was there a top? Are these the questions Virgil Blue thought Tatsu was implying about the relationship between fictional giant space-robots, science, religion, the Biggest Bird, and every little worm?

Dan closed the manga and put it down. He would ask Virgil Blue to watch LuLu’s with him next year. The next volume featured more of Nemo, and Dan had questions for Sheridan’s Adam.


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