Dan’s Annotations 10

(A chapter of Akayama DanJay.)

The year is 2025.

Dan paused the anime between scenes. Virgil Blue tensed up in preparation for Dan to snatch his silver mask again, but Dan just seemed puzzled over the manga. “I’ve never thought about it before, but it’s weird for Akayama to be Alpha-pilot of Zephyr-Purple, the Galaxy Zephyr’s midsection, while Lucille commands from Zephyr-Blue, the Galaxy Zephyr’s head. Surely it would be more thematically consistent to reverse the roles, giving the brains to the gifted professor and giving the heart to the fiery young Commander.”

“Quit chewing your nails.” Virgil Blue poked Dan’s hands with his cane. “War demands compartmentalization, doubly so the spiritual war of subduing oneself. Akayama’s guilt allows her to pity the Hurricane, owing mercy to its pilots. That mercy doesn’t belong in charge during a fight. Lucille has righteous youthful fury, and can be unforgiving in the upcoming combat.”

Dan rubbed his hands and annotated between panels. “You’re right. Akayama’s mercy belongs in the heart, where she can dedicate herself to indirectly collecting worms.” He pretended to keep annotating, trying to catch Virgil Blue off-guard. “How do you know Tatsu, Virgil Blue?”

“Don’t stall! The eternities are beginning!” Virgil Blue poked the phone with his cane, resuming the episode. 


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