Water Backpacks

This time in Man VS Horse, billionaire Alphonse reveals that if broke ultramarathoner Jonas loses this hundred-mile-race against a horse, Alphonse will take his legs in retribution. Hoo boy.

Anyway, I keep mentioning ‘three-liter water-backpacks.’ I figured I’d explain what I meant.

CamelBak Hydrobak 0.8L Backpack | Backcountry.com

This is a Camelbak; maybe you’re seen or used one before. It’s basically a slim backpack with a balloon inside you fill with water (or soda, or wine, or whatever, if you’re adventurous). Some Camelbaks hold one liter, others hold up to four. Mine holds two liters of water, and it’s really a lifesaver. When I used to plan twenty-mile runs, I had to consider where all the local water-fountains were so I could hydrate. A Camelbak freed me to run basically anywhere.

I’ve never run far enough to justify refilling my Camelbak mid-run, but Jonas drank about a liter per ten miles. If he can’t meet his crew soon, he’ll be in trouble.

Cross your fingers!

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