Play DüKKA!

Dukkha is the dissatisfaction intrinsic to existence.

DüKKA is dukkha’s dorky younger cousin who steals your tiles in my mobile-game, available now on the Google Play Store! (It’ll be on IOS someday, maybe.)

It’s free and it’s fun. Outsmart DüKKA for control of the board’s center in a jaunty metaphor for our meaningless lives.

I think the ‘easy’ and ‘medium’ difficulties are TOO easy, but I want to add a ‘custom mode’ where you can change the rules. Under some rule-sets, ‘easy’ and ‘medium’ might be the only way to stand a chance.

I also want to add a harder difficulty. ‘DüKKA’, the hardest difficulty at the moment, has an interesting flaw. Can you exploit that flaw to get 100 points when DüKKA only has 60?

I’m working on a video for my YouTube channel about all the pretentious philosophical bollocks behind this silly puzzle-game where the AI mocks your mortality. If you’d like to see it, subscribe!